Raffles Hotel, an Exciting Vacation Place with a Great History

Raffles Hotel is one of the luxurious resorts in Singapore. Thomas Stanford Raffles inspired the name of the resort in 1887. The resort opened again in 2019 after being renovated for two years. The resort is closed due to a significant renovation to make it even more advanced.

Unique Facts about Raffles Hotel

This hotel has changed its name before having the Raffles name. This resort has 103 rooms in it. This resort also has several other facilities. There is a swimming pool and also a shopping area with up to 14 restaurants and bars. 

That resort has many famous guests to enjoy their vacation. Some world public figures went there. This resort has undergone several renovations. The first renovation took place in 1989-1991. Then there was another renovation in 2017.

Challenges during the Renovation Process

The resort is undergoing significant renovations to present a new concept at its later opening. The renovation process has been carefully thought out by the resort. And this renovation has also taken a lot of time. 

Currently, the resort is looking brighter and more attractive to guests. The most difficult challenge to be faced in this renovation is. They must maintain the colonial impression of the Raffles Hotel. Not only that, but they must also continue to provide sophisticated technology for guests.

Nine Categories after Renovation

After being renovated and closed for two years, the resort is back with a touch of nine suite categories that guests can enjoy. The nine categories are Presidential suites, Resort suites, Palm Court Suites, Promenade Suites, State Room Suites, Courtyard suites, and also Private Suites for solo travelers.

Room Facilities

This resort gives the rooms a new touch after being renovated. The new touch is that the room will feel more comfortable because it is soundproofed. And there are also in-room spa services for suite room types. 

If you want to order this service, then it can be accessed via a tablet that is already in each room. From this tablet, guests can control the room temperature and also their favorite TV channels.

Restaurant Inside

After renovation, the resort now has a new restaurant called Le Dame de Pic. This restaurant offers products in collaboration with Chef Anne Sophie. This Chef is also the Chef of one of the three-star restaurants in Valence France.

New Bar and Resort Tour

The once most famous bar is nowhere with a contemporary theme. Although a major renovation has been carried out, guests can still enjoy the history of this resort. Guests can still walk around while looking at photos of famous guests who have stopped here. 

The hotel floor also looks clean and shiny, so that it attracts visitors to come. Raffles Hotel is perfect for those of you who want to spend time off with a quiet hotel atmosphere. So, do you want to book this historical place? Make sure to get special discounts from the promos that you can check online. You can go alone or with your family.
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